Datacappy FAQ: Android

Datacappy is an ad blocking, private browser. Our fast, data-reducing mobile browser for phones and tablets blocks ads, third party hosts and cookies. Get the fastest browser behavior on your mobile devices while reducing your data consumption. Watch Datacappy in action. We’ll show you how many ads are being blocked the second you visit a website.
Datacappy allows you to control your browsing experience with simple settings. To help you get started, we have enabled the ad blocking functionality. You will see the number of ads being blocked for a specific site on the bottom navigation bar like this: . You will also see a ‘Total Blocked’ number underneath the address bar that represents the cumulative number of ads blocked for all your site visits. Pretty amazing, right?
No! You do not need an account to experience all the benefits of the Datacappy mobile browser. Simply download the Datacappy App from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store depending on your device and start using it right away.
Third party hosts are companies contracted by websites to perform additional services such as providing ads, extra content and search bar functionality (such as an autofill functionality based upon what you type in a search bar). A third party host can intercept and access user data that is exchanged between the user and the website.
A cookie is a little bit of data placed by a website on a user's computer while the user is browsing. Cookies remember information such as items you have placed in a shopping cart, names and addresses, passwords and credit card numbers. Cookies are often used to gather information on a user’s browsing history.
Phone: Menu - - Tap the star. Your website is now added to your ‘Bookmarks’ page.
Tablet: Tap the star to the right of the URL bar. This site has now been added to your ‘Bookmarks’ page.
Phone: Menu - - select ‘Bookmarks’.
Tablet: Menu - - select ‘Bookmarks’ or open a new tab and select ‘Bookmarks’ at the top of the screen .
Phone: ‘Menu’ - - ‘Bookmarks’ then tap the “X” to the right.
Tablet: Bookmarks page - - Tap the “X” to the right or long press the website icon - - choose ‘edit’ or ‘delete’ from options menu. To delete all bookmarks, select ‘Clear All Bookmarks’ at the bottom of the screen.
‘My Whitelist’ is a list of allowed hosts that you create within Datacappy. It is your personal list of ads, third party hosts and cookies that YOU have approved and therefore allow on websites that you visit.
Menu - - Settings - - My Whitelist.
Tap the little blue square with the number inside to the left of the URL bar). Select the arrow in the upper left to return to your website.
Tap the little blue square with the # inside (to the left of the URL bar) to view the list of Blocked Content. To allow a blocked host through, place a checkmark in the box next to a blocked host name. The checkmark box will turn blue. This host is now added to My Whitelist and is allowed. To add the entire list of blocked hosts, tap ‘Add all’ in the upper right.
Menu - - Settings - - My Whitelist - - check the box next to the allowed host and select ‘Delete’ or ‘Delete All’
Phone: Select ‘Menu - - ‘New Tab’. Note: Tapping the overlapping squares icons in upper right-hand corner will allow you to toggle back and forth between different websites that you have running at the same time.
Tablet: Tap the ‘+’ icon to the right of your current website or go to ‘Menu’ - - ‘New Tab’. Note: Tapping the overlapping squares icons in upper right-hand corner will allow you to toggle back and forth between different websites that you have running at the same time
‘Menu’ - - ‘Settings’ - - ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Select your options and Select ‘OK’ or ‘Cancel’. You may change your options at any time.
Tablet: You can also clear your History directly by tapping the History page and either deleting websites individually or by tapping the ‘Clear History at the bottom of the screen.
Select the circle with the # inside (to the right of the star) at the bottom of the screen to view the list - - this # indicates how many hosts are being blocked on your website - - Select ‘Done’.
In rare instances, blocking hosts may limit the functionality of a website you are visiting and you may need to let blocked hosts through to get full functionality of the website (such as watching a video). To turn off blocking hosts: Menu - - Settings - - Tap ‘All Ads’, ‘Third Party Hosts’ and/or Third Party Web Cookies to off.
If you are having a problem with Datacappy running on your device, that device number is the only information we have in which to help you in the event you reach out to us ( It does not identify any personal information about you whatsoever. Sites you visit are not tracked by Datacappy and any information sent to our servers is deleted on a daily basis.
We are a small group of passionate individuals doing our best to help you control how your personal data is collected online. With that said, we wanted to create the fastest mobile browser that would reduce data consumption and allow you to manage your online presence. We are concerned with the social profiling, data tracking and subsequent web ads targeting you and your family. Plain and simple, our goal is to put the power back in your hands. It's your personal information and it shouldn't be managed by anybody but you. Reach out to us with your questions ( and we'll happily respond.

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