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Anonymous accounts & no login, we don't know who you are...

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The Datacappy VPN

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    With no account required, you can download and connect in seconds!
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    Datacappy does not have access to logs, history or browser activity. We don’t even have your email address (but if you reach out to us, our team will happily respond!).
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    Wireguard ® protocol adds the speediest VPN connection which means no frustrating lag times. Want to switch from Germany to London? Tap and go. It’s a lightning fast trip.
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    You get 100MB of FREE VPN data to use! We also give you access to the same server locations as the Premium users.
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The Datacappy Browser

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    Experience effortless privacy! Launch the Datacappy Browser from inside the Datacappy VPN with one tap.
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    For added security, activate more privacy options from within the Datacappy Browser such as private browsing, block ads & trackers, block images and block third party cookies.
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    Choose your search engine, display language and customize your colors.
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    Datacappy keeps a growing list of ad providers so we can stay on the lookout for data trackers trying to profit off your online behavior.
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Go Premium and Get:

green-check Unlimited data
green-check Early release locations
green-check On-Demand coverage: Wi-Fi, cellular or both. You choose!

The Datacappy VPN & Browser

Datacappy VPN: One tap and you are protected!

Choose a VPN plan. We keep it simple.


VPN (Virtual Private Network) refers to a private network connection to the internet. When you use a virtual private network, especially on public Wi-Fi, your internet traffic is encrypted and your IP address is hidden. Since all your data is encrypted, you remain anonymous on the internet and can prevent the collection of your personal data and website history.

Yes! That's what makes us totally different! One tap from inside the VPN and you can access our private browser and surf online with complete confidence. Choose your search engine and manage robust privacy settings like blocking ads, images and cookies.

A CSIRO study found 38% of free Android VPNs contain malware. 'Many of those free VPNs were highly rated apps with millions of downloads. If you are a free user, your odds of catching a nasty bug are greater than 1 in 3.'

You can use them alone as separate apps but we recommend using them together as that is the best, most seamless experience. You don't drive a car with only three wheels, right? That would be weird. Use the VPN & Browser together and your ride will be smooth and you can change lanes between the VPN & Browser with one tap!

Easy peasy! Choose the download profile that works for you (Apple, Android, etc) and simply download the Datacappy VPN onto your device. Launch the app, follow the prompts and then connect to a server location anywhere you like! Remember that as long as the connection is running, your VPN is always running in the background even if you swipe out of the Datacappy VPN app. To turn off the VPN, launch the app and tap the 'Connected' button to disconnect.

We do our best here to block ads coming at you from within your apps but we there is no guarantee that we can block them all. You will see a marked difference on some apps and perhaps not on others. There are ads that are designed to bypass these blocking efforts and they will get through. We add to our list of ad servers on a continual basis.

Reach out anytime at [email protected]!