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End-to-end Encryption

Your chats are for your eyes only and the intended recipient(s). Third parties, governments and hackers cannot intercept. Not even we can see your messages.
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Secure, Fast Sign-Up

We send you a one-time passcode to verify you are real (which you are. Bots be gone!) and this is all done in seconds.
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Group and Private Chats

Invite people from your contact list and we take care of the rest. One-on-one or group chats!
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Exchange Images & Audio

Robust camera with all the editing tools and a nifty, little video creator. You can even add stickers to your photos! Store your shared photos, videos and links in the Media folder.
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Simple Settings

Choose profile image, display name, clear your chats, customize notifications and more.
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Disappearing Messages

You set the timer for both you and the viewer. 3-2-1 POOF!
Real People. Need Help?
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