Blocked Ads/Trackers

Get Double the Protection with Datacappy's Private Browser

The ultimate combination to stay anonymous and encrypted.

Effortless Privacy

We created a cross-platform solution that combines the Datacappy Browser with our VPN for an extra layer of privacy. Use them together or by themselves. You choose!

Extra Privacy Tools

For added security, you can block ads, trackers, images and third-party cookies. Coupled with the VPN, it's a double blanket of protection.

See Who's Tracking You

This is an eye-opening experience. The most popular sites on the internet are providing your data to dozens of third parties without your consent.

We Have Your Back

Datacappy keeps a growing list of ad providers so we can stay on the lookout for data trackers profitting off your online behavior.

Remain Anonymous

The Datacappy Browser allows you to manage your local history and cookies. We don't keep backend logs so you can remain anonymous.

Customize Your Experience

Choose your default search engine, display language and customize your colors.

The datacappy browser

2 Apps. Complete Protection.

Add an extra layer of privacy by using the free Datacappy Browser.
Protect yourself from viruses & malware.


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