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Do kindergarteners need to know their heart rate?

Do kindergarteners need to know their heart rate?

Apple wants to slap their watches on your children’s wrists.

Let’s add some more anxiety into our children’s lives.

Every phone call, every Siri command, every tap, every text, everything your child does with this tool will be data-tracked and kept on file with Apple. And after that, every ad your child sees on a device will be catered to your child based upon all the conversations and behavior while using the watch. If this is not enough to creep you out, we don’t know what is. Under the guise of parental control and safety, Apple is cleverly marketing their watch to younger and younger users.

Should a kindergartener obsess over heartrates? Has helicopter parenting soared to new heights? Attention spans at this young age are hard enough to manage and now, teachers will be tasked with corraling device behavior in their classrooms at an even younger age. Imagine a classroom of five-year-olds with texts pinging or buzzing on their tiny wrists. This new generation of learners has already been gobsmacked by Covid’s shrapnel. Adding an Apple Watch is just one more anxiety-provoking leash. Every move they make is being watched by their parents…and tracked by Apple.

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