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Incognito, uh huh

Incognito, uh huh

All the press and the REpress about this $5Billion lawsuit against Google makes me realise how far Google has gone down the rabbit hole. Google’s legal team are juggling a few of these Billion dollar suits. Around the world. A normal days work… Guess where your advertising dollars are going.

What makes me really curious though is, who chose the name? Seriously. That guy/girl/other hit a home run. If you call your product incognito, does it mean you’re private? The judges are asking the same question but sit safely on the side of, ‘you didn’t clearly disclose…’. And why would they? And Google of course says, ‘yes, we did, look!’

Besides the hefty number being bantered around, the only real interest in this little spat, is that maybe now, a few more users will become aware that ‘incognito’, is not really what they think it is.