These Make Us Think. Only You Should Control Your Data.

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Next Gen AI in the hands of Facebook, cool…

Next Gen AI in the hands of Facebook, cool…

Who really wants Facebook to capture data from our stylish Ray-Bans®? They’re currently recruiting developers and scientists to evaluate, manipulate, and dream about uses for ‘immersive’ data: data captured from a third party perspective. These videos, images, and sound watch what you’re doing and hopefully give some very smart people the ability to predict what you’ll do next. These same smart people will be asking questions (benchmarks) defined by Facebook.

  • What happened when? (eg: “Where did I leave my keys?”)
  • What am I likely to do next? (eg: “Wait, you’ve already added salt to this recipe”)
  • What am I doing? (eg: “Teach me how to play the drums”)
  • Who said what when? (eg: “What was the main topic during class?”)
  • Who is interacting with whom? (eg: “Help me better hear the person talking to me at this noisy restaurant”)

Am I the only one, that thinks this is worse than creepy? I’d like to add one more benchmark: Why would I trust those watching me? (eg: “Sell my data so that I can better decide which brand of soy sauce to put in my noodles.”)

I saw this on the BBC, here.